(Films not released or shown in Chicago until 2008)



1.)  THERE WILL BE BLOOD                               96                                                       

USA                                                                Paul Thomas Anderson


2.)  THE FALL                                                          96

India  Great Britain  USA                           Tarsem


3.)  MAN ON WIRE                                                  96

Great Britain  USA                                      James Marsh


4.)  I DON’T HEAR THE GUITAR ANYMORE (J’Entands Plus La Guitare)           96

(made in 1991, released in Chicago 2008)

France                                                           Philippe Garrel 


5.)  STILL LIFE                                                         95

China  Hong Kong                                     Jia Zhang-ke


6.)  TÔKYÔ SONATA                                              95

Japan  Netherlands  Hong Kong           Kiyoshi Kurosawa 


7.)  THE EDGE OF HEAVEN                                95

Germany  Turkey                                        Fatih Akin


8.)  REPRISE                                                            95

Norway                                                         Joachim Trier


9.)  JELLYFISH                                                        95

France  Israel                                               Shira Geffen and Etgar Keret


10.)  TROUBLE THE WATER                               94

USA                                                                Carl Deal and Tina Lessin


11.)  RACHEL GETTING MARRIED                    94

USA                                                                Jonathan Demme


12.)  A CHRISTMAS TALE                                    94

France                                                           Arnaud Desplechin


13.)  TIMES AND WINDS                                       94

Turkey                                                           Reha Erdem


14.)  YOUSSOU N’DOUR:  RETURN TO GORÉE (Retour à Gorée)                       94

Switzerland  Luxembourg  Senegal      Pierre-Yves Borgeaud


15.)  ALEXANDRA                                                  94

Russia  France                                            Alexander Sokurov


16.)  ELEGY                                                              94

USA                                                                Isabel Coixet


17.)  CHERRY BLOSSOMS                                  94

Germany  France                                        Doris Dörrie


18.)  PARANOID PARK                                          94

USA  France                                                Gus Van Sant


19.)  THE BAND’S VISIT                                        93

Israel  France                                               Eran Kolirin


20.)  TERRIBLY HAPPY                                        93

Denmark                                                       Henrik Ruben Genz


21.)  OF TIME AND THE CITY                              93

Great Britain                                                Terence Davies


22.)  MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY                 93

USA                                                                Barry Jenkins 


23.)  HUNGER                                                          93

Great Britain                                                Steve McQueen



USA                                                                Marina Zenovich


25.)  THE EXILES                                                    93

(made in 1961, released in Chicago 2008)

USA                                                                Kent MacKenzie 


26.)  THE LIFE OF REILLY                                    93

USA                                                                Barry Poltermann and Frank L. Anderson



USA                                                                Errol Morris


28.)  BLIND MOUNTAIN                                        93

China                                                             Li Yang


29.)  SHOTGUN STORIES                                    92

USA                                                                Jeff Nichols


30.)  REVANCHE                                                    92

Austria                                                           Götz Spielmann


31.)  GOMORRAH                                                   92

Italy                                                                Matteo Garrone


32.)  FUNNY GAMES U.S.                                     92

Great Britain  USA  France  Austria       Michael Haneke


33.)  REVOLUTIONARY ROAD                            92

Great Britain  USA                                      Sam Mendes


34.)  SUMMER OF ’04                                            92

Germany                                                       Stefan Krohmer


35.)  SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK                       92

USA                                                                Charlie Kaufman


36.)  TELL NO ONE                                                92

France                                                           Guillaume Canet


37.)  SECRET OF THE GRAIN                             92

France                                                           Abdel Kechiche


38.)  IN MOM’S HEAD (La Tête de Maman)       92

France                                                           Carine Tardieu 


39.)  WOMAN ON THE BEACH                            91

South Korea                                                Hong Sang-soo


40.)  THE VANISHING POINT (Ce Que Mes Yeux Ont Vu)      91

France                                                           Laurent de Bartillat


41.)  XXY                                                                   91

Argentina  France  Spain                         Lucía Puenzo



USA                                                                Steven Okazaki                              


43.)  CHICAGO 10                                                   91

USA                                                                Brett Morgen


44.)  LOVE AND HONOR                                       91

Japan                                                            Yôji Yamada


45.)  AIN’T SCARED (Regarde-Moi)                   91

France                                                           Audrey Estrougo


46.)  IN BRUGES                                                     91

Great Britain  Belgium                               Martin McDonagh


47.)  24 CITY                                                             91

China  Hong Kong  Japan                       Jia Zhang-ke


48.)  THE WRESTLER                                           91

USA                                                                Darren Aronofsky


49.)  LET THE RIGHT ONE IN                              91

Sweden                                                         Tomas Alfedson


50.)  THE READER                                                 91

USA  Germany                                            Stephen Daldry


51.)  MILK                                                                  91

USA                                                                Gus Van Sant


52.)  JULIA                                                                91

France                                                           Erick Zonca and Camille Natta


53.)  SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE                            91

Great Britain  USA                                      Danny Boyle


54.)  BURN AFTER READING                             91

USA  France  Great Britain                       Joel and Ethan Coen



USA                                                                Werner Herzog


56.)  MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS                           90

Hong Kong  China  France                      Wong Kar-wai


57.)  EZRA                                                                 90

Nigeria  France  USA  Great Britain  Austria                Newton I. Aduaka


58.)  VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA                90

Spain                                                             Woody Allen


59.)  MY WINNIPEG                                                90

Canada                                                         Guy Maddin


60.)  9-3:  THE MEMORY OF A TERRITORY     90

France                                                           Yamina Benguigui


61.)  PLANET B-BOY                                             90

USA                                                                Lee Benson


62.)  BERLIN – 1ST OF MAY                                   90

Germany                               Jan-Christoph Glaser, Carsten Ludwig, Sven Taddicken, and Jakob Ziemnicki


63.)  SHINE A LIGHT                                              90

USA                                                                Martin Scorsese


64.)  CANARY                                                          90

(made in 2005, released in Chicago 2008)

Japan                                                            Akihito Shiota


65.)  BALLAST                                                         89

USA                                                                Lance Hammer


66.)  PHANTOM LOVE                                           89

USA                                                                Nina Menkes


67.)  AS TEARS GO BY                                          89

(made in 1988, released in Chicago 2008)

Hong Kong                                                  Wong Kar-wai


68.)  THE POOL                                                       89

USA  India                                                    Chris Smith


69.)  FROZEN RIVER                                             88

USA                                                                Courtney Hunt


70.)  YOUNG @ HEART                                         88

Great Britain                                                Stephen Walker


71.)  LA FRANCE                                                    88

France                                                           Serge Bozon


72.)  SNOW (Snijeg)                                               88

Bosnia-Herzegovina  Germany  France  Iran      Aida Begic


73.)  FOUR NIGHTS WITH ANNA                        88

Poland                                                           Jerzy Skolimowski


74.)  TOWELHEAD                                                 88

USA                                                                Alan Ball


75.)  THE STRANGERS                                         88

USA                                                                Bryan Bertino


76.)  PERSEPOLIS                                                 88

France USA                                                 Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud


77.)  OFF THE GRID:  LIFE ON THE MESA – video               88

USA                                                                Jeremy and Randy Stulberg


78.)  2 OR 3 THINGS I KNOW ABOUT HIM       87

Germany                                                       Malte Ludin


79.)  KING OF PING PONG                                   87

Sweden                                                         Jens Jonsson


80.)  HAPPY-GO-LUCKY                                       87

Great Britain                                                Mike Leigh 


81.)  TRUE ENOUGH (La Vérité ou Presque)  87

France                                                           Sam Karmann


82.)  LAKEVIEW TERRACE                                 87

USA                                                                Neil LaBute


83.)  COUNTRY WEDDING (Sveitabrúðkaup)             87

Iceland                                                          Valdís Óskarsdóttir


84.)  13 m²                                                                 87

France                                                           Barthélémy Grossman


85.)  THE VISITOR                                                  87

USA                                                                Tom McCarthy


86.)  THE SPARROW                                             87

Hong Kong                                                  Johnny To


87.)  DARK MATTER                                              87

USA                                                                Chen Shi-zheng


88.)  DISTANT TREMORS                                     86

Belgium  France                                         Manuel Poutte 


89.)  THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES                  86

USA                                                                Vadim Perelman


90.)  CLOVERFIELD                                               86

USA                                                                Matt Reeves


91.)  LAST STOP FOR PAUL                               86

USA                                                                Neil Mandt


92.)  HONEYDRIPPER                                           85

USA                                                                John Sayles


93.)  THE AXE IN THE ATTIC                               85

USA                                                                Lucia Small and Ed Pincus


94.)  PRAYING WITH LIOR                                    85

USA                                                                Ilana Trachtman


95.)  REDBELT                                                        84

USA                                                                David Mamet


96.)  HALLAM FOE (Mister Foe)                          84

Great Britain                                                David Mackenzie


97.)  AUSTRALIA                                                    84

Australia  USA                                             Baz Luhrman


98.)  MIRACLE OF ST. ANNA                               84

USA  Italy                                                      Spike Lee


99.)  TWO LOVERS                                                84

USA                                                                James Gray


100.)  DOUBT                                                           84

USA                                                                John Patrick Shanley


101.)  TIMECRIMES (Los Cronocrímenes)       83

Spain                                                             Nacho Vigalando


102.)  HOW SHE MOVE                                         82

Canada                                                         Ian Iqbal Rashid


103.)  HOW THE GARCIA GIRLS SPENT THE SUMMER                 82

USA                                                                Georgina Garcia Riedel


104.)  A THOUSAND YEARS OF GOOD PRAYERS                82

USA                                                                Wayne Wang


105.)  EVERLASTING MOMENTS                       82

Sweden  Denmark  Finland  Norway  Germany                     Jan Troell  


106.)  CHOKE                                                          82

USA                                                                Clark Gregg


107.)  THE FRIEND (Der Freund)                        81

Switzerland                                                  Micha Lewinsky 


108.)  FROST/NIXON                                              81

USA  Great Britain  France                       Ron Howard


109.)  TOKYO GORE POLICE                              81

Japan  USA                                                  Yoshihiro Nishimura


110.)  MISTER LONELY                                         81

USA  Great Britain  France  Ireland        Harmony Korine


111.)  FROWNLAND                                               81

USA                                                                Ronald Bronstein


112.)  TUYA’S MARRIAGE                                    81

China                                                             Wang Quan An


113.)  A THROW OF DICE                                     81

(made in 1929, released in Chicago 2008)

India  Great Britain  Germany                  Franz Osten


114.)  BOMB IT                                                        80

USA                                                                Jon Reiss


115.)  ON THE ROPES                                          80

France                                                           Magaly Richard-Serrano 


116.)  LATE BLOOMER                                         80

(made in 2004, released in Chicago 2008)

Japan                                                            Shibata


117.)  SNOW ANGELS                                           79

USA                                                                David Gordon Green


118.)  QUIET CHAOS                                             79

Italy                                                                Antonio Luigi Grimaldi


119.)  SANGRE DE MI SANGRE                          78

USA                                                                Christopher Zalla


120.)  DELTA                                                            78

Hungary  Germany                                    Kornél Mundruczó


121.)  LOOK                                                              78

USA                                                                Adam Rifkin


122.)  ROMAN DE GARE                                       77

France                                                           Claude Lelouch



USA                                                                David Fincher


124.)  DAYS IN BETWEEN                                    77

Germany                                                       Lola Randl


125.)  48 HOURS A DAY                                        76

France                                                           Catherine Castel    


126.)  GOD MAN DOG                                            76

Taiwan                                                          Chen Hsin-hsuan (Singing Chen)


127.)  KATYN                                                           75

Poland                                                           Andrzej Wajda


128.)  THE HOMECOMING (I Epistrofi)              74

Greece                                                           Vasilis Douvlis


129.)  SANTOURI THE MUSIC MAN                   74

Iran                                                                 Dariush Mehrjui


130.)  INTIMIDAD                                                     73

USA                                                                David Redmon and Ashley Sabin


131.)  PINEAPPLE EXPRESS                              73

USA                                                                David Gordon Green


132.)  DEADLY DELICIOUS                                  72

China                                                             Zhao Tianyu


133.)  DAUGHTERS OF WISDOM – video        72

USA                                                                Bari Pearlman


134.)  DIDINE                                                           71

France                                                           Vincent Dietschy


135.)  GRAN TORINO                                             71

USA                                                                Clint Eastwood


136.)  RUN FATBOY RUN                                     71

Great Britain  USA                                      David Schwimmer


137.)  DECEPTION                                                 71

USA                                                                Marcel Langenegger


138.)  THE FAVOR – video                                   70

USA                                                                Eva Aridjis


139.)  BEFORE THE RAINS                                 70

India  Great Britain  USA                           Santosh Sivan


140.)  VANTAGE POINT                                        70

USA                                                                Pete Travis


141.)  THE SKY, THE EARTH, AND THE RAIN            68

Chile                                                              José Luis Torres Leiva


142.)  LA VIE D’ARTISTE                                      68

France                                                           Marc Fitoussi


143.)  FULL BATTLE RATTLE                             68

USA                                                                Tony Gerber and Jesse Moss


144.)  MONSTER CAMP                                        67

USA                                                                Cullen Hoback


145.)  YOUNG YAKUZA                                         67

France                                                           Jean-Pierre Limosin


146.)  THE CHANGLING                                        63

USA                                                                Clint Eastwood


147.)  THE MAIDEN AND THE WOLVES (La Jeune Fille et Les Loups)               59

France                                                           Gilles Legrand


148.)  TRE                                                                 56

USA                                                                Eric Byler


149.)  UNTRACEABLE                                          54

USA                                                                Gregory Hoblit


150.)  THE MEMORY THIEF – video                   52

USA                                                                Gil Kofman


151.)  FADE                                                              40

USA                                                                Anthony Stagliano


152.)  CROSSING DATES                                    9

Romania  Finland                                       Anca Damian




*Daniel Day Lewis – There Will Be Blood

Danny Glover – Honeydripper

Colin Ferrell – In Bruges

Kim Seung-woo – Woman On the Beach

Baki Davrak – The Edge of Heaven

Sasson Gabai – The Band’s Visit

Benoît Régent – I Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore

Richard Jenkins – The Visitor

Chiwetel EjioforRedbelt

*Anders Danielsen Lie – Reprise

Dominique Pinon – Roman de Gare

Takuya Kimura – Love and Honor

Michael Shannon – Shotgun Stories

François Cluzet – Tell No One

Andy Lau – As Tears Go By

Dore Mann – Frownland

Javier Bardem – Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Ben Kingsley – Elegy

Samuel L. Jackson – Lakeview Terrace

Jamie Bell – Hallam Foe (Mister Foe)

Sam Rockwell – Choke

Hoshi Ishida – Canary 

Henry O – A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Simon Yam – Sparow

Elmar Wepper – Cherry Blossoms

Mikael Persbrandt – Everlasting Moments

*Michael Fessbender – Hunger

Joaquin Phoenix – Two Lovers

Johannes KrischRevanche

Mathieu Amalric – A Christmas Tale

Jakob Cedergren – Terribly Happy

*Philip Seymour Hoffman – Synecdoche, New York  (1) + Doubt (2)

*Sean Penn – Milk

Hugh JackmanAustralia 

Kåre Hedebrant – Let the Right One In

*Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler

Frank Langella – Frost/Nixon




Rutina Wesley – How She Move

Zhao Tao – Still Life

Ko Hyeon-jeong – Woman On the Beach

Naomi Watts – Funny Games

Martina Gedeck – Summer of ‘04

Hannah Schygulla – The Edge of Heaven

*Ronit Elkabetz – The Band’s Visit

Johanna ter Steege – I Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore

Evan Rachel Wood – The Life Before Her Eyes

Sarah Adler – Jellyfish

Elizabeth Peña – How the Garcia Girls Spent the Summer

America Ferrara – How the Garcia Girls Spent the Summer

Lucy Galiardo – How the Garcia Girls Spent the Summer

Samantha Morton – Mister Nobody

Audrey Dana – Roman de Gare

Catinca Untaru – The Fall

Huang Lu – Blind Mountain

Marie-José Crozée – Tell No One

Maggie Cheung – As Tears Go By

Galina Vishnevskaya – Alexandra

Melissa Leo – Frozen River

Rebecca Hall – Vicky Cristina Barcelona

*Sylvie Testud – La France (1) + The Vanishing Point (2) 

*Penélope Cruz – Elegy

Inés Efron – XXY 

Summer BishilTowelhead

Sophia Miles – Hallam Foe

Kelly Macdonald – Choke

Mitsuki Tanimura – Canary

*Anne Hathaway – Rachel Getting Married

Hafsia Herzi – Secret of the Grain

Maria Heiskanan – Everlasting Moments

Kyoko Koizumi – Tokyo Sonata

Tarra Riggs – Ballast

Gwyneth Paltrow – Two Lovers

Maria Skoula – The Homecoming

*Tilda Swinton – Julia

Catherine Deneuve – A Christmas Tale

Lene Maria Christensen – Terribly Happy

Sally Hawkins – Happy-Go-Lucky

Eihi Shiina – Tokyo Gore Police

Nicole Kidman – Australia 

Lina Leandersson – Let the Right One In

*Kate WinsletRevolutionary Road (1) + The Reader (2)




Charles S. Dutton – Honeydripper

Keb’ Mo’ – Honeydripper

*Brendan Gleeson – In Bruges

Robert Seeliger – Summer of ‘04

Saleh Bakri – The Band’s Visit

Yann Collette – I Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore

David Strathairn – My Blueberry Nights

Takashi Sasano – Love and Honor

Douglas Ligon – Shotgun Stories

Jesús Ochoa – Sangre de Mi Sangre

*Gilles Lillouche – Tell No One

Jackie Cheung – As Tears Go By

*James Franco – Milk (1) + Pineapple Express (2)

Ricardo Darín – XXY

Martín Piroyansky – XXY

Aaron EckhartTowelhead

Matteo Sciabordi – Miracle at St. Anna

Brad William Henke – Choke

Jesper Christensen – Everlasting Moments

*Kai InowakiTokyo Sonata

JimMyron Ross – Ballast

Alessandro Gasman – Quiet Chaos

Hannes Thanheiser – Revanche

Kim Bodnia – Terribly Happy

*Eddie Marsan – Happy-Go-Lucky

Tom Noonan – Synecdoche, New York

James Thiérrée – The Vanishing Point

David Gulpilil – Australia 

André Dussolier – True Enough

Jared Harris – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

*Michael Shannon – Revolutionary Road




Dr. Mabel John – Honeydripper

Clémence Poésy – In Bruges

Svea Lohde – Summer of ‘04

Nurgül Yesilçay – The Edge of Heaven

Rachel Weisz – My Blueberry Nights

Hiam Abbass – The Visitor

Jodi Russell – Dark Matter

*Viktoria Winge – Reprise

Catinca Untaru – The Fall

Fanny Ardent – Roman de Gare  

Kristin Scott Thomas – Tell No One

*Penélope Cruz – Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Patricia Clarkson – Elegy 

Golshifteh FarahaniSantouri The Music Man

Debra Winger – Rachel Getting Married

Farida Benkhetache – Secret of the Grain

*Leila D’Issernio – Secret of the Grain

*Aya Irizuki – Cherry Blossoms

Haruka IgawaTokyo Sonata

Isabella Rossellini – Two Lovers

Alicia Stewén – King of Ping Pong

Blu Di Martino – Quiet Chaos

Chiara Mastroianni – A Christmas Tale

Alexis Zegerman – Happy-Go-Lucky

Karina Fernandez – Happy-Go-Lucky

Samantha Morton – Synecdoche, New York

*Dianne Wiest – Synecdoche, New York

Karine Viard – In Mom’s Head (La Tête de Maman)

Edith Scob – Didine

Emilie de PreissacAin’t Scared (Regarde-Moi)

*Viola Davis – Doubt

Marisa Tomei – The Wrestler

Tilda Swinton  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Ahney Her – Gran Torino




*Paul Thomas Anderson          USA                 There Will Be Blood

Jia Zhang-ke                            China               Still Life

Li Yang                                    China               Blind Mountain

Stefan Krohmer                       Germany          Summer of ‘04

Fatih Akin                    Germany  Turkey         The Edge of Heaven

Eran Kolirin                 Israel  France              The Band’s Visit

Philippe Garrel                        France             I Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore

Shira Geffen and Etgar Keret       Israel          Jellyfish

Joachim Trier                          Norway            Reprise

*Tarsem           India  Great Britain  USA         The Fall

*James Marsh            Great Britain  USA         Man on Wire

Jonathan Demme                    USA                 Rachel Getting Married          

Isabel Coixet                           USA                 Elegy

*Kiyoshi Kurosawa                   Japan              Tokyo Sonata

Steve McQueen                       Great Britain    Hunger

Erick Zonca                              USA                 Julia

*Götz Spielmann                     Austria             Revanche

*Arnaud Desplechin                 France             A Christmas Tale

Henrik Ruben Genz                 Denmark          Terribly Happy

Danny Boyle and Loveleen Tandan    Great Britain  USA       Slumdog Millionaire




Paul Thomas Anderson, adapted from Upton Sinclair – There Will Be Blood

Martin McDonagh – In Bruges

Hong Sang-soo – Woman On the Beach

Daniel Nocke – Summer of ‘04

*Fatih Akin – The Edge of Heaven

*Eran Kolirin – The Band’s Visit

Philippe Garrel, Marc Cholodenko, and Jean-François Goyet – I Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore

*Shira Geffen – Jellyfish

*Joachim Trier and Eskil Vogt – Reprise 

Yang Li – Blind Mountain

Guillaume Canet and Philippe Lefebvre, adapted from Harlan Coben – Tell No One

Alexander Sokurov – Alexandra

Jenny Lumet – Rachel Getting Married

Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Max Mannix, and Sachiko Tanaka – Tokyo Sonata

Sreve McQueen and Enda Walsh – Hunger

*Arnaud Desplechin and Emmanuel Bourdieu – A Christmas Tale

Aida Begic – Snow (Snijeg)  

*Charlie Kaufman – Synecdoche, New York

Simon Beaufoy, adapted from Vikas SwarupSlumdog Millionaire

Dustin Lance Black – Milk

Carine Tardieu and Michel Leclerc – In Mom’s Head (La Tête de Maman)

Laurent de Bartillat and Alain Ross – The Vanishing Point

John Ajvide Lindqvist – Let the Right One In

Justin Haythe, adapted from Richard Yates – Revolutionary Road




*Robert Elswit – There Will Be Blood

*Florent Herry – Times and Winds

Yu Lik-wai – Still Life

Eigil Bryld – In Bruges

Christopher Doyle and Rain Kathy Li – Paranoid Park

Caroline ChampetierI Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore

Darius Khondji – My Blueberry Nights

Antoine Héberlé – Jellyfish

Jakob Ihre – Reprise 

*Colin Watkinson – The Fall

Adam Stone – Shotgun Stories

Peter Sowa – The Strangers

Lin JongBlind Mountain

Christophe Offenstein – Tell No One

Alexander Burov – Alexandra

Sean Price Williams – Frownland

*Jean-Claude Larrieu – Elegy

Giles NuttgensHallam Foe (Mister Foe)

Yutaka Yamasaki – Canary

Declan Quinn – Rachel Getting Married

Patrick Lindenmaier – A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Cheng Siu-keung – Sparrow

Lubomir Bakchev – Secret of the Grain

Hanno Lentz – Cherry Blossoms

Mátyás Erdély – Delta

*Akiko AshizawaTokyo Sonata

Yorick Le Saux – Julia

Askild Edvarsen – King of Ping Pong

Martin Gschlacht – Revanche

Eric Gautier – A Christmas Tale

Anthony Dod Mantle – Slumdog Millionaire (1) + Country Wedding (2)

Adam Sikora – Four Nights With Anna

Erol Zubcevic – Snow (Snijeg)

Fred Elmes – Synecdoche, New York

John Morrill, Erik Daarstad, and Robert Kaufman – The Exiles

*Jean-Marc Selva – The Vanishing Point

Colin Wandersman13 m²

Hoyte Van Hoytema – Let the Right One In

Maryse Alberti – The Wrestler





How She Move

In Bruges

Woman On the Beach

Summer of ‘04

*The Edge of Heaven

I Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore

The Visitor


Shotgun Stories

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Tell No One


*Burn After Reading


*Rachel Getting Married

Secret of the Grain

Tokyo Sonata


Berlin – 1st of May


*A Christmas Tale

Snow (Snijeg)

*Synecdoche, New York




*There Will Be Blood

Times and Winds

In Bruges

Phantom Lover

*Paranoid Park

My Blueberry Nights

*The Fall

Shotgun Stories

My Winnipeg

As Tears Go By



Rachel Getting Married


Tokyo Sonata


A Christmas Tale

Four Nights With Anna

*Synecdoche, New York

*The Vanishing Point

Let the Right One In




How She Move

Woman On the Beach

Funny Games

*Paranoid Park

*The Edge of Heaven

The Band’s Visit

I Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore



The Fall

Shotgun Stories

Blind Mountain

My Winnipeg

Tell No One

*Man on Wire



Burn After Reading

Rachel Getting Married

Tokyo Sonata



A Christmas Tale

Four Nights With Anna

Snow (Snijeg)

Slumdog Millionaire


*In Mom’s Head (La Tête de Maman)

The Vanishing Point

13 m²

Let the Right One In




*The Band’s Visit

Tuya’s Marriage

Mister Nobody

*The Fall

Love and Honor

Blind Mountain

*Cherry Blossoms

Everlasting Moments

Snow (Snijeg)

Tokyo Gore Police

*Slumdog Millionaire


The Wrestler




*Jonny Greenwood – There Will Be Blood

*Giong Lim – Still Life

Carter Burwell – In Bruges (1) + Burn After Reading (2)

Habib Shadah – The Band’s Visit

Faton CahenI Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore

James Horner – The Life Before Her Eyes

Stephan EndelmanRedbelt

*Ola Fløttum and Knut Schreiner – Reprise

Krishna Levy – The Fall

Lucero and Pyramid – Shotgun Stories

Tomandandy – The Strangers

Mathieu Chedid as M – Tell No One

Andrei Sigle – Alexandra

Didier Leplae and Joe Wong – The Pool

Terence Blanchard – Miracle at St. Anna

Eric Taxier – Intimidad 

*Fred Avril and Xavier Jamaux – Sparrow

Claus Bantler – Cherry Blossoms

Kazumasa Hashimoto – Tokyo Sonata

*Krzysztof Penderecki – Katyn

Michal Lorenc – Four Nights With Anna

Igor Camo – Snow (Snijeg)

Jon Brion – Synecdoche, New York

World’s End Girlfriend – Late Bloomer

*A.R. RahmanSlumdog Millionaire

Éric Neveux In Mom’s Head (La Tête de Maman)

David Moreau – The Vanishing Point

Johan Söderqvist – Let the Right One In

Thomas Newman – Revolutionary Road




Man on Wire

Trouble the Water

Youssou N'Dour: Return to Gorée

Of Time and the City

Roman Polanski:  Wanted and Desired

The Life of Reilly

Standard Operating Procedure