(Films not released or shown in Chicago until 2009)



1.)  FISH TANK                                                        95

Great Britain                                                Andrea Arnold 


2.)  VINCERE                                                           95

Italy  France                                                 Marco Bellochio 


3.)  THE HURT LOCKER                                       94

USA                                                                Kathryn Bigelow


4.)  LA BELLE PERSONNE – made for TV       94

France                                                           Christophe Honoré


5.)  RED RIDING TRILOGY – made for TV        94

Pt I:  RED RIDING:  1974                          Julian Jarrold

Pt II:  RED RIDING:  1980                         James Marsh

Pt III:  RED RIDING:  1983                        Anand Tucker

Great Britain                                                 


6.)  THE CLASS                                                       94

France                                                           Laurent Cantet


7.)  ADVENTURELAND                                         94

USA                                                                Greg Mottola


8.)  CORALINE  3D                                                 94

USA                                                                Henry Selick


9.)  MOTHER (Madeo)                                            93

South Korea                                                Bong Joon-ho


10.)  SOMERS TOWN                                             93

Great Britain                                                Shane Meadows


11.)  NIGHT AND DAY                                            93

South Korea                                                Hong Sang-soo


12.)  BRIGHT STAR                                                93

Australia  Great Britain                              Jane Campion


13.)  OBLIVION (El Olvido)                                    93

Netherlands  France  Germany              Heddy Honigmann 


14.)  REVOLUTIONARY ROAD                            93                                                       

Great Britain  USA                                      Sam Mendes


15.)  NORTHLESS (NORTEADO)                        92

Mexico  Spain                                              Rigoberto Pérezcano


16.)  LOVE & SAVAGERY                                     92

Canada  Ireland                                          John N. Smith  


17.)  A SINGLE MAN                                               92

USA                                                                Tom Ford


18.)  (500) DAYS OF SUMMER                             92

USA                                                                Marc Webb


19.)  LOST TIMES (Utolsó idök)                          92       

Hungary                                                        Áron Mátyássy


20.)  MISSISSIPPI DAMNED                                 92

USA                                                                Tina Mabry 


21.)  EFFI BRIEST                                                   92

Germany                                                       Hermine Huntgeburth


22.)  JERICHOW                                                      92

Germany                                                       Christian Petzold


23.)  LAKE TAHOE                                                 92

Mexico                                                           Fernando Eimbcke


24.)  THE LIMITS OF CONTROL                          92

USA                                                                Jim Jarmusch


25.)  ANGEL                                                             92

France  Great Britain  Belgium               François Ozon


26.)  ME AND ORSON WELLES                          92

USA  Great Britain                                      Richard Linklater


27.)  IL DIVO                                                             92

Italy                                                                Paolo Sorrentino


28.)  SIN NOMBRE                                                  91

USA  Mexico                                                Cary Joji Fukinaga


29.  WILL NOT STOP THERE (Nije Kraj)           91

Croatia  Serbia                                            Vinko Bresan 


30.)  WALTZ WITH BASHIR                                  91

Israel  Germany  France  USA                 Ari Folman


31.)  CRAZY HEART                                               91

USA                                                                Scott Cooper


32.)  SITA SINGS THE BLUES                             91

USA                                                                Nina Paley


33.)  IN THE LOOP                                                  91

Great Britain                                                Armando Iannucci


34.)  WENDY AND LUCY                                       91

USA                                                                Kelly Reichardt


35.)  EVERY LITTLE STEP                                   91

USA                                                                James Stern and Adam Del Deo


36.)  THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE              91

USA                                                                Steven Soderbergh


37.)  MUNYURANGABO                                        91

Rwanda  USA                                              Lee Isaac Chung


38.)  JUST ANOTHER LOVE STORY                 90

Denmark                                                       Ole Bornedal


39.)  PONYO                                                             90

Japan                                                            Hayao Miyazaki 


40.)  STORM                                                             90

Germany  Denmark  Netherlands          Hans-ChristianSchmid


41.)  THE BEACHES OF AGNČS                        90

France                                                           Agnčs Varda 


42.)  THE COVE                                                       90

USA                                                                Louis Psihoyos


43.)  THE ROMANCE OF ASTREA AND CELADON               90

(made in 2007,  first shown in Chicago in 2009)

France  Italy  Spain                                    Éric Rohmer



USA                                                                Werner Herzog


45.)  THEATER OF WAR – Beta Digital video              90

USA                                                                John Walter


46.)  TREELESS MOUNTAIN                               90

South Korea                                                Kim So Yong 



Germany  France  Czech Republic       Uli Edel


48.)  IMPORT EXPORT                                          89

Austria  France  Germany                        Ulrich Seidl  


49.)  THE ROAD                                                      89

USA                                                                John Hillcoat


50.)  THE MESSENGER                                        89

USA                                                                Oren Moverman


51.)  HIDDEN DIARY (Mčres et Filles)                89

France  Canada                                          Julie Lopes-Curval



USA                                                                Eric Bricker


53.)  ELDORADO                                                    89

Belgium  France                                         Bouli Lanners


54.)  STATE OF PLAY                                            89

USA  Great Britain  France                       Kevin Macdonald


55.)  THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (La Fille du RER)                  88

France                                                           André Téchiné


56.)  ADORATION                                                   88

Canada                                                         Atom Egoyan


57.)  NYMPH (Nang Mai)                                        88

Thailand  Netherlands                              Pen-ek Ratanaruang


58.)  THE SECRETS (Ha-Sodot)                         88

Israel  France                                               Avi Nesher


59.)  LETTER TO ANNA                                        88

Switzerland                                                  Eric Bergkraut


60.)  LORNA’S SILENCE                                       88

Belgium  Italy  France  Germany            Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne


61.)  AN EDUCATION                                             88

USA                                                                Lone Scherfig 


62.)  AMREEKA                                                       87

USA  Canada  Kuwait                                Cherien Dabis


63.)  SUMMER HOURS (L’Heure d'été)             87

France                                                           Olivier Assayas


64.)  THE BOX                                                         87

USA                                                                Richard Kelly


65.)  WHATEVER WORKS                                    87

USA  France                                                Woody Allen


66.)  AGAINST THE CURRENT                           87

USA  Netherlands                                      Peter Callahan                                                                   


67.)  WHIP IT                                                            87

USA                                                                Drew Barrymore


68.) TOOTIE’S LAST SUIT                                    87

USA                                                                Lisa Katzman


69.)  FANTASTIC MR. FOX                                   87

USA                                                                Wes Anderson


70.)  FLAME AND CITRON                                   87

Denmark  Czech Republic  Germany         Ole Christian Madsen 



USA                                                                Ariana Gerstein and Monteith McCollum


72.)  A PROMISE TO THE DEAD                         87

Canada                                                         Peter Raymont


73.)  STILL WALKING                                            86

Japan                                                            Hirokazu Kore-Eda


74.)  A SERIOUS MAN                                           86

USA                                                                Joel and Ethan Coen


75.)  TAKING WOODSTOCK                                86

USA                                                                Ang Lee


76.)  POLICE, ADJECTIVE                                    86

Romania                                                       Corneliu Porumboiu


77.)  SPY(IES)                                                          86

France  Great Britain                                 Nicolas Saada  


78.)  AVATAR 3D                                                     86

USA                                                                James Cameron 


79.)  ANGEL OF MINE                                            86

France                                                           Safy Nebbou


80.)  LYMELIFE                                                        86

USA                                                                Derick Martini


81.)  DEPARTURES (Okurobito)                         86

Japan                                                            Yôjirô Takita


82.)  AZUR & ASMAR                                             86

France  Spain  Italy  Belgium                  Michel Ocelot


83.)  LOOKING FOR ERIC                                     85

Great Britain  France  Italy  Spain  Belgium                 Ken Loach    


84.)  MADE IN HUNGÁRIA                                    85

Hungary                                                        Gergely Fonyó


85.)  WORLD’S GREATEST DAD                        85

USA                                                                Bobcat Goldthwait


86.)  FEAR ME NOT                                                85

Denmark                                                       Kristian Levring


87.)  TYSON                                                              85

USA                                                                James Toback


88.)  CHE                                                                   85

USA  France  Spain                                   Steven Soderbergh


89.)  STAR TREK                                                    84

USA                                                                JJ Abrams 


90.)  THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE                   84

USA                                                                Robert Schwentke


91.)  EYES WIDE OPEN (Eynaim Pekukhot)    84                   

Israel  France  Germany                           Haim Tabakman


92.)  IT’S COMPLICATED                                      84

USA                                                                Nancy Meyers


93.)  THE NEW YEAR PARADE                           84

USA                                                                Tom Quinn


94.)  WOMEN IN TROUBLE                                  84

USA                                                                Sebastian Gutierrez


95.)  THE INTERNATIONAL                                 84

USA  Germany  Great Britain                   Tom Tykwer


96.)  BROKEN EMBRACES                                 83

Spain                                                             Pedro Almodóvar


97.)  EL CAMINO                                                     83

USA                                                                Erik S. Weigel


USA                                                                Lee Daniels


99.)  THE END OF THE LINE                               83

Great Britain                                                Rupert Murray


100.)  THE CAKE EATERS – Beta digital video          82

USA                                                                Mary Stuart Masterson


101.)  UP IN THE AIR                                             82

USA                                                                Jason Reitman


102.)  STRAIGHT TO THE  HEART (En Plein Coeur)             82

Canada                                                         Stéphane Géhami


103.)  RUMBA                                                          82

Belgium  France                 Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy


104.)  CAPITALISM:  A LOVE STORY                82

USA                                                                Michael Moore


105.)  FAVORITE SON                                           81

USA                                                                Howard Libov


106.)  AMERICAN VIOLET                                    81

USA                                                                Tim Disney


107.)  AIR DOLL (Kűki ningyô)                            81

Japan                                                            Hirokazu Kore-eda


108.)  SHALL WE KISS                                          81

France                                                           Emmanuel Mouret


109.)  INVICTUS                                                      81

USA                                                                Clint Eastwood


110.)  BROTHERS                                                  80

USA                                                                Jim Sheridan 


111.)  THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL                     80

USA                                                                Ti West


112.)  SURROGATES                                             80

USA                                                                Jonathan Mostow 


113.)  PARANORMAL ACTIVITY                         80

USA                                                                Oren Peli


114.)  VIRTUAL JFK (VIETNAM IF KENNEDY HAD LIVED) – Beta digital video                        80

USA                                                                Koji Masutani  


115.)  HUMPDAY                                                     80

USA                                                                Lynn Shelton


116.)  ZOMBIELAND                                               79

USA                                                                Ruben Fleischer


117.)  WHO’S AFRAID OF THE WOLF               79

Czech Republic                                          Maria Procházková


118.)  THE SOLOIST                                              79

USA                                                                Joe Wright


119.)  FACE (Visage)                                              78

Taiwan  France  Belgium  Netherlands       Tsai Ming-liang


120.)  TRIANGLE                                                     78

(made in 2007,  first shown in Chicago in 2009)

Hong Kong                                      Johnny To, Ringo Lam, and Tsui Hark


121.)  GOODBYE SOLO                                         78

USA                                                                Ramin Bahrani



USA                                                                Chris Weitz 


123.)  UP                                                                   78

USA                                                                Pete Docter and Bob Peterson


124.)  THE WATCHMEN                                        77

USA                                                                Zack Snyder



Great Britain  USA                                      David Yates


126.)  RED CLIFF (Chi Bi)                                     77

China                                                             John Woo 


127.)  A SNOWMOBILE FOR GEORGE             77

USA                                                                David Darling


128.)  RICKY                                                             75

France  Italy                                                 François Ozon



USA                                                                Melvin Van Peebles


130.)  SHERLOCK HOLMES                                73

USA  Great Britain  Australia                   Guy Ritchie 


131.)  NINE                                                               72

USA  Italy                                                      Rob Marshall


132.)  THE BROTHERS BLOOM                         71

USA                                                                Rian Johnson


133.)  PUBLIC ENEMIES                                       70

USA                                                                Michael Mann


134.)  MALLS R US                                                 70

Canada  France                                          Helene Klodawsky


135.)  MAMMOTH                                                    69

Sweden  Denmark  Germany                  Lukas Moodysson


136.)  INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS                     68

USA                                                                Quintin Tarantino


137.)  SHRINK                                                         68

USA                                                                Jonas Pate


138.)  JULIE & JULIA                                             67

USA                                                                Nora Ephron


139.)  2012                                                                67

USA                                                                Roland Emmerich


140.)  ANTICHRIST                                                 66

Denmark  Germany  France  Sweden  Italy  Poland             Lars von Trier  


141.)  THE INFORMANT!                                       65

USA                                                                Steven Soderbergh


142.)  ERÉNDIRA (Eréndira la indomable)       64

(made in 2006,  first shown in Chicago in 2009)

Mexico                                                           Juan Roberto Mora Catlett


143.)  PLASTIC CITY (Dangkou)                         60

Brazil  China  Hong Kong  Japan          Yu Lik-wai 


144.)  LEFT BANK                                                  59

Belgium                                                        Peter Van Hees


145.)  EVERYBODY’S FINE                                  59

USA  Italy                                                      Kirk Jones


146.)  PUFFBALL                                                    55

Great Britain  Ireland                                 Nicolas Roeg


147.)  AUDIENCE OF ONE                                    52

USA                                                                Michael Jacobs


148.)  LABOR DAY – video                                   51

USA                                                                Glenn Silber





Leonardo DiCaprioRevolutionary Road

Benicio Del Toro – Che 

Allison “TootieMontanaTootie’s Last Suit

Anders W. Berthelsen – Just Another Love Story

Thomas TurgooseSomers Town

Benno Fürmann – Jerichow

Ulrich Thomsen – Fear Me Not

Matthias Schoenaerts – Left Bank

*Tony Servillo – Il Divo

Edgar Flores – Sin Nombre

Russell Crowe – State of Play

Robert Downey Jr. – The Soloist

Rory CulkinLymelife

Zachary Quinto – Star Trek

Joseph Gordon-Leavitt – 500 Days of Summer

*Jeremy Renner – The Hurt Locker

*Peter Capaldi – In the Loop

Johnny Depp – Public Enemies 

Jérémie Renier – Lorna’s Silence

Eric Bana – The Time Traveler’s Wife

Moritz Bleibtreu – The Baader Meinhof Complex

Ben Whishaw – Bright Star

Woody Harrelson – Zombieland (1) + The Messenger (2)   

*Filippo TimoVincere

Allan Hawco – Love & Savagery  

József Kádas – Lost Times (Utolsó idök)

Peter Sarsgaard – An Education

Michael Stuhlbarg – A Serious Man

*Nicolas Cage – The Bad Lietennant:  Port of Call New Orleans  

Ben Foster – The Messenger 

Viggo Mortensen – The Road

Morgan Freeman – Invictus

George Clooney – Up in the Air  

*Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart 

*Colin Firth – A Single Man 



*Kate WinsletRevolutionary Road 

Michelle Williams – Wendy and Lucy

Rebecka Hemse – Just Another Love Story

Ania Bukstein – The Secrets (Ha-Sodot)

Kristen Stewart – The Cake Eaters (1) + Adventureland (2)  

Léa Seydoux – La Belle Personne

Nina Hoss – Jerichow

Romola Garai – Angel

Eline Kuppens – Left Bank

Paulina Gaitan – Sin Nombre

Nicole Behaire – American Violet

Hee-Yeon Kim – Treeless Mountain

Emma Roberts – Lymelife  

Arsinée Khanjian – Adoration

*Zooey Deschanel – 500 Days of Summer

Evan Rachel Wood – Whatever Works

*Meryl Streep – Julie & Julia (2)  + It’s Complicated (1)    

Arta Dobroshi – Lorna’s Silence

Rachel McAdams – The Time Traveler’s Wife

Martina Gedeck – The Baader Meinhof Complex

Johanna Wokalek – The Baader Meinhof Complex

Nisreen FaourAmreeka

Abbie Cornish – Bright Star

Ellen Page – Whip It

Émilie Dequenne – The Girl on the Train 

*Giovanna MezzogiornoVincere 

Nada Sargin – Will Not Stop There 

*Kim Hye-ja – Mother (Madeo)

Sarah Greene – Love & Savagery

Géraldine Pailhas – Spy(ies)

Dorotka Dedkova – Who’s Afraid of the Wolf

Tessa Thompson – Mississippi Damned

*Katie Jarvis – Fish Tank

Julia JentschEffi Briest

Charlotte Gainsburg – Antichrist

*Carey Mulligan – An Education 

Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe – Precious

Penélope Cruz – Broken Embraces

Catherine Frot – Angel of Mine




*Michael Shannon – Revolutionary Road

Wes Studi – El Camino

Wally Dalton – Wendy and Lucy

Nikolaj Lie Kaas – Just Another Love Story

Jackie Earle Haley – The Watchmen

Ireneusz CzopSomers Town

Bruce Dern – The Cake Eaters

Hilmi Sözer – Jerichow

Sam Neill – Angel

*Martin Starr – Adventureland

Kristian Ferrer – Sin Nombre

Will Patton – American Violet

Anthony Mackie – American Violet

Jason Bateman – State of Play

Nelsan Ellis – The Soloist

Tsutomu Yamazaki – Departures

*Christopher Waltz – Inglourious Basterds

Connor Paolo – Favorite Son

James Gandolfini – In the Loop

Liev Schreiber – Taking Woodstock

*Paul Schneider – Bright Star

Nicolas Duvauchelle – The Girl on the Train 

Jin Ku – Mother (Madeo)

Won Bin – Mother (Madeo)

*Michael Fassbender – Fish Tank

Justin Kirk – Against the Current

Alfred Molina – An Education 

Frank Langella – The Box

Robert Duvall – The Road + Crazy Heart

Sam Shepard – Brothers  

*Christian McKay – Me and Orson Welles

Alec Baldwin – it’s Complicated 




*Kathy Bates – Revolutionary Road

Elizabeth Moss – El Camino

Cecile CasselThe Romance of Astrea and Celadon

Charlotte Fich – Just Another Love Story

Elisa LasowskiSomers Town

Elizabeth Ashley – The Cake Eaters

Anna Bonaiuto – Il Divo

Isabelle Sadoyan – Summer Hours (L’Heure d'été)

Diana Franco Galindo – Goodbye Solo

Virginie Ledoyen – Shall We Kiss

Helen Mirren – State of Play

Song-Hee Kim – Treeless Mountain

Lisa Gay Hamilton – The Soloist

Tilda Swinton – The Limits of Control

Youki Kudoh – The Limits of Control

Paz de la Huerta – The Limits of Control

Rinko Kikuchi – The Brothers Bloom

Patricia Clarkson – Whatever Works

Evanna Lynch – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Keke Palmer – Shrink 

Mary Lynn Rajskub – Julie & Julia

Imelda Staunton – Taking Woodstock 

Kirin Kiki – Still Walking

Alia Shawkat – Amreeka (1) + Whip It (2)

Daniela Valentine – Lake Tahoe

Ronit Elkabetz – The Girl on the Train 

*Marie-Josée Crozes – Hidden Diary

Catherine Deneuve – Hidden Diary   

Alicia Laguna – Northless (Norteado)

Sonia Couoh – Northless (Norteado)   

Bénédicte Décary – Straight to the Heart (En Plein Coeur)

Julie Deslauriers – Straight to the Heart (En Plein Coeur)

Adrianne Palicki – Women in Trouble

Anamaria Marinca – Storm

Teréz Vass – Lost Times (Utolsó idök) 

*Jossie Harris Thacker – Mississippi Damned

Rebecca Griffiths – Fish Tank

*Mary Tyler Moore – Against the Current

Barbara Auer – Effi Briest       

*Mo’Nique – Precious

Samantha Morton – The Messenger 

*Bailee Madison – Brothers

Claire Danes – Me and Orson Welles

Jennifer Lynn Welsh – The New Year Parade  

Anna Kendrick – Up in the Air

Vera Farmiga – Up in the Air

Blanca Portillo – Broken Embraces

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Crazy Heart 

Sandrine Bonnaire – Angel of Mine

*Marion Cotillard – Nine

Judi Dench – Nine

Julianne Moore – A Single Man   



Kelly Reichardt                        USA                             Wendy and Lucy

Steven Soderbergh                 USA                             The Girlfriend Experience

*Kathryn Bigelow                     USA                             The Hurt Locker

Tina Mabry                              USA                             Mississippi Damned

Sam Mendes                            Great Britain  USA       Revolutionary Road

*Shane Meadows                     Great Britain                Somers Town

*Andrea Arnold                        Great Britain                Fish Tank

Christophe Honoré                   France                         La Belle Personne

François Ozon             France  Great Britain  Belgium            Angel  

Paolo Sorrentino                     Italy                             Il Divo

*Marco Bellochio                     Italy  France                Vincere 

Heddy Honigmann       Netherlands  France  Germany            Oblivion (El Olvido) 

Hayao Miyazaki                       Japan                          Ponyo

*Ulrich Seidl                            Austria                         Import Export 

Fernando Eimbcke                  Mexico                         Lake Tahoe

Rigoberto Pérezcano               Mexico  Spain             Northless (Norteado)

Jane Campion             Australia  Great Britain           Bright Star

*Bong Joon-ho                                     South Korea                Mother (Madeo)

John N. Smith                          Canada  Ireland           Love & Savagery

Áron Mátyássy                         Hungary                       Lost Times (Utolsó idök)

*Hong Sang-soo                       South Korea                Night and Day



*Justin Haythe, adapted from Richard Yates – Revolutionary Road 

Jonathan Raymond and Kelly Reichardt – Wendy and Lucy

Ole Bornedal – Just Another Love Story

Christophe Honoré and Gilles Taurand, adapted from Madame de La Fayette – La Belle Personne

François Ozon and Martin Crimp, adapted from Elizabeth Taylor – Angel

Paolo Sorrentino – Il Divo

*Greg Mottola – Adventureland

*Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber – 500 Days of Summer

*Mark Boal – The Hurt Locker

*Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche, and Ian Martin – In the Loop

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne – Lorna’s Silence 

Fernando Eimbcke and Paula MarkovitchLake Tahoe 

Jane Campion – Bright Star

*Marco Bellochio and Daniela CeselliVincere 

Eun-kyo Park, Wun-kyo park, and Bong Joon-ho – Mother (Madeo)

Edgar San Juan and Rigoberto Pérezcano – Northless (Norteado)

Des Walsh – Love & Savagery

Corneliu Porumboiu – Love, Adjective

Áron MátyássyLost Times (Utolsó idök)

Tina Mabry – Mississippi Damned

*Andrea Arnold – Fish Tank  

John Hillcoat and Joe Penhall, adapted from Cormac McCarthy – The Road

Noah Baumbach and Wes Anderson, adapted from Roald Dahl – Fantastic Mr. Fox

*Holly Gent Palmo and Vincent Palmo Jr, adapted from Robert Kaplow – Me and Orson Welles

*Tom Ford and David Scearce, adapted from Christopher Isherwood – A Single Man 



Roger DeakinsRevolutionary Road

Till Neumann – El Camino

Sam Levy – Wendy and Lucy

Diane Baratier – The Romance of Astrea and Celadon

Frank Griebe – The International

Dan Laustsen – Just Another Love Story

*Natasha BraierSomers Town

Laurent Brunet – La Belle Personne

Denis Lenoir – Angel

Luca Bigazzi – Il Divo

Adriano Goldman – Sin Nombre

Rodrigo Prieto – State of Play

*Christopher Doyle – The Limits of Power

Steven Soderbergh – The Girlfriend Experience

Barry Ackroyd – The Hurt Locker

Lukas Ettlin – Shrink 

Jřrgen Johansson – Flame and Citron

Florian Ballhaus – The Time Traveler’s Wife

Eric Gautier – Taking Woodstock 

*Alexis ZabéLake Tahoe

*Greig Fraser – Bright Star

Julien Hirsch – The Girl on the Train

*Daniele CipríVincere   

*Hong Gyeong-pyo – Mother (Madeo)

Alejandro Cantú – Northless (Norteado)

Pierre Letarte – Love & Savagery

Bogumil Godfrejów – Storm

Stéphane Fontaine – Spy(ies)

Máté Herbai Lost Times (Utolsó idök)

Robbie Ryan – Fish Tank

*Charnkit Chamnivikaipong – Nymph (Nang Mai)  

*Martin Langer – Effie Briest

Anthony Dod Mantle – Antichrist

Javier Aguirresarobe – The Road

Eduard Grau – A Single Man



*Revolutionary Road

Just Another Love Story  

*Somers Town

*La Belle Personne

The Cake Eaters



Il Divo


Sin Nombre

State of Play

Treeless Mountain


500 Days of Summer

*In the Loop

Lorna’s Silence

The Baader Meinhof Complex

Lake Tahoe

Whip It

The Girl on the Train

Love & Savagery

*Red Riding Trilogy

Mississippi Damned

*Fish Tank

An Education

The Road

*Me and Orson Welles

Crazy Heart



The Romance of Astrea and Celadon

*Coraline 3-D

Somers Town

La Belle Personne


Il Divo

Treeless Mountain

*The Limits of Control



Flame and Citron

The Baader Meinhof Complex

*Lake Tahoe

*Bright Star

Red Cliff


Who’s Afraid of the Wolf

Nymph (Nang Mai)

*Effi Briest

The Road

*Me and Orson Welles


A Single Man



Revolutionary Road

*Wendy and Lucy

*Somers Town

La Belle Personne


Il Divo


Sin Nombre

Treeless Mountain

Oblivion (El Olvido)


The Girlfriend Experience

*The Hurt Locker

*In the Loop

Lorna’s Silence 

Still Walking

Lake Tahoe 

Bright Star

Whip It

The Girl on the Train 


Love & Savagery

Lost Times (Utolsó idök)

*Fish Tank

*Me and Orson Welles

Up in the Air



*The Romance of Astrea and Celadon

The Watchmen

Somers Town


Il Divo

Sin Nombre

Treeless Mountain

Star Trek  

Public Enemies 

Flame and Citron

Taking Woodstock

*Bright Star

Whip It

*Red Cliff


Love & Savagery

*Effi Briest

An Education

The House of the Devil

The Road

Broken Embraces

Sherlock Holmes


A Single Man



Thomas Newman – Revolutionary Road

Alberto IglesiasChe

Adam Balazs – El Camino

*Bruno CoulaisCoraline

Joachim Holbek – Just Another Love Story

Monteith McCollum – Milk in the Land:  Ballad of an American Drink

Gavin Clarke – Somers Town

Alex Beaupain – La Belle Personne

Philippe Rombi – Angel  

*Teho Teardo – Il Divo

*Yo La Tengo – Adventureland

Marcelo Zarvos – Sin Nombre

Boris – The Limits of Control

Renaud MayeurEldorado

*Ross Godfrey – The Girlfriend Experience   

Murray Attaway – Favorite Son

Brian Reitzell and Ken Andrews – Shrink

Joe HisaishiPonyo

Karsten Fundal – Flame and Citron

Mark Bradshaw – Bright Star

Section Quartet – Whip It

Philippe Sarde – The Girl on the Train 

*Carlo CrivelliVincere 

Lee Byeong-woo – Mother (Madeo)

Ruy García – Northless (Norteado)

Bertrand Chénier – Love & Savagery

Cliff Martinez – Spy(ies)

Albert Márkos – Lost Times (Utolsó idök)

Johan SöderqvistEffi Briest

Win Butler, Régine Chassagne and Owen Pallett – The Box

Jeff Grace – The House of the Devil

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – The Road 

*Hugues Tabar-Nouval – Angel of Mine 

Abel Korzeniowski – A Single Man



Oblivion (El Olvido)

Waltz With Bashir

Every Little Step

The Beaches of Agnčs

The Cove

Theater of War

Visual Acoustics

Letter to Anna