(Films not released or shown in Chicago until 2011)



1.)  The Tree of Life                                                98

USA                                                                Terrence Malick


2.)  Margaret                                                             97

USA                                                                Kenneth Lonergan


3.)  The Interrupters                                               96

USA                                                                Steve James


4.)  The Arbor                                                          95

Great Britain                                                Clio Bernard


5.)  Martha Marcy May Marlene                           95

USA                                                                Sean Durkin


6.)  Poetry                                                                 95

South Korea                                                Lee Chang-dong


7.)  Incendies                                                           94

Canada  France                                          Denis Villeneuve


8.)  Secret Sunshine                                              94

(2007 film released in Chicago in 2011)

South Korea                                                Lee Chang-dong


9.)   Miss Bala                                                          94

Mexico                                                           Gerardo Naranjo 


10.)  Oslo, August 31                                             93

Norway                                                         Joachim Trier


11.)  Buddha Mountain (Guan yin shan)          93

China                                                             Li Yu


12.)  Beginners                                                        93

USA                                                                Mike Mills


13.)  The Trip                                                           93

Great Britain                                                Michael Winterbottom


14.)  Hugo in 3D                                                      92

USA                                                                Martin Scorsese


15.)  Kaboom                                                           92

USA  France                                                Gregg Araki


16.)  Turn Me On, Dammit! ( meg , for faen)        92

Norway                                                         Jannicke Systad Jacobsen


17.)  The Portuguese Nun                                    92

Portugal  France                                         Eugène Green


18.)  The Guard                                                       92

Ireland                                                           John Michael McDonagh


19.)  Drive                                                                 92

USA                                                                Nicolas Winding Refn


20.)  The Time That Remains                              92

Palestine  France  Belgium  Italy  Great Britain          Elia Suleiman


21.)  Of Gods and Men (Des Hommes et Des Dieux)             91

France                                                           Xavier Beauvois


22.)  The Woman in the Fifth                               91

Great Britain                                                Pawel Pawilkowski 


23.)  Le Quattro Volte (The Four Times)           91

Italy                                                                Michelangelo Frammartino


24.)  The Forgiveness of Blood                          91

USA                                                                Joshua Marston 


25.)  Weekend                                                          91

Great Britain                                                Andrew Haigh


26.)  Play                                                                   91

Sweden                                                         Ruben Östlund


27.)  In a Better World                                            91

Denmark  Sweden                                     Susanne Bier


28.)  Appropriate Adult                                          91

Great Britain                                                Julian Jarrold 


29.)  The Descendants                                          91

USA                                                                Alexander Payne 


30.)  The Illusionist                                                 91

France  Great Britain                                 Sylvain Chomet


31.)  The Artist                                                         91

France  Belgium                                         Michel Hazanavicius


32.)  Tabloid                                                             91

USA                                                                Errol Morris


33.)  Rabbit à la Berlin – video                            91

Germany  Poland                                       Bartek Konopka


34.)  Somewhere                                                     91

USA                                                                Sofia Coppola 


35.)  Take Shelter                                                   90

USA                                                                Jeff Nichols


36.)  Meek's Cutoff                                                 90

USA                                                                Kelly Reichardt


37.)  The Kid Who Lies (El Chico que Miente)  90

Venezuela                                                    Marité Ugás


38.)  Shame (2011)                                                  90

Great Britain                                                Steve McQueen 


39.)  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)                90

Great Britain  France  Germany              Tomas Alfredson


40.)  Waste Land – video                                      90

Brazil  Great Britain                                    Lucy Walker


41.)  13 Assassins                                                  90

Japan  Great Britain                                   Takashi Miike


42.)  The Company Men                                       90

USA    Great Britain                                    John Wells


43.)  Another Year                                                  89

Great Britain                                                Mike Leigh


44.)  Michael                                                             89

Austria                                                           Markus Schleinzer 


45.)  Putty Hill                                                          89

USA                                                                Matthew Porterfield


46.)  Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow             89

Great Britain  Holland  France                Sophie Fiennes


47.)  Vlast (Power)                                                  88

USA                                                                Cathryn Collins


48.)  Tyrannosaur                                                   88

Great Britain                                                Paddy Considine 


49.)  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011)   88

USA  Sweden  Great Britain  Germany             David Fincher


50.)  Contagion                                                       88

USA                                                                Steven Soderbergh


51.)  Source Code                                                  88

USA                                                                Duncan Jones


52.)  Inspector Bellamy                                         88

France                                                           Claude Chabrol


53.)  Submarine                                                       87

Great Britain                                                Richard Ayoade


54.)  Loverboy                                                         87

Romania                                                       Catalin Mitulescu


55.)  Some Days Are Better Than Others         87

USA                                                                Matt McCormick


56.)  Letters From the Big Man                            87

USA                                                                Christopher Münch


57.)  Aurora                                                              87

Romania                                                       Cristi Puiu


58.)  Potiche                                                             87

France                                                           François Ozon 


59.)  Midnight in Paris                                            87

USA  Spain                                                   Woody Allen


60.)  Le Havre                                                          86

Finland                                                          Aki Kaurismäki


61.)  Volcano (Eldfjall)                                           86

Iceland                                                          Rúnar Rúnarsson


62.)  Night Catches Us                                          86

USA                                                                Tanya Hamilton


63.)  Sleep Furiously                                              86

(2008 film released in USA in 2011)

Great Britain                                                Gideon Koppel


64.)  Bunny Drop (Usagi doroppu)                    86

Japan                                                            Sabu


65.)  Terri                                                                  86

USA                                                                Azazel Jacobs


66.)  Kawasaki's Rose                                           86

Czech Republic                                          Jan Hrebejk


67.)  Applause                                                         86

Denmark                                                       Martin Zandvliet


68.)  General Orders No. 9                                    86

USA                                                                Robert Person


69.)  The Silver Cliff (O Abismo Prateado)       85

Brazil                                                             Karim Aïnouz


70.)  The Good Son (Hyvä poika)                       85

Finland                                                          Zaida Bergroth


71.)  Into the Abyss                                                85

Germany  Canada  USA                            Werner Herzog


72.)  Moneyball                                                        85

USA                                                                Bennett Miller


73.)  Restless (van Sant)                                       85

USA                                                                Gus van Sant


74.)  Cedar Rapids                                                 85

USA                                                                Miguel Arteta


75.)  Ne Change Rien (Change Nothing)          85

Portugal  France                                         Pedro Costa


76.)  The Debt                                                          85

USA                                                                John Madden


77.)  Brighton Rock (2010)                                   85

Great Britain                                                Rowan Joffé


78.)  Scream 4                                                          85

USA                                                                Wes Craven


79.)  We Bought a Zoo                                          84

USA                                                                Cameron Crowe


80.)  Goodbye First Love (Un Amour de Jeunesse)  84

France                                                           Mia Hansen-Løve


81.)  Roll Out, Cowboy                                          84

USA                                                                Elizabeth Lawrence


82.)  Warrior                                                             84

USA                                                                Gavin O’Connor


83.)  The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls       83

USA                                                                Leanne Pooley


84.)  Super 8                                                             83

USA                                                                JJ Abrams


85.)  The Way Back                                                83

USA                                                                Peter Weir


86.)  If Not Us, Who                                                83

Germany                                                       Andres Veiel


87.)   The Turin Horse                                           82

Hungary                                                        Béla Tarr


88.)  Two in the Wave                                            82

France                                                           Emmanuel Laurent


89.)  Another Earth                                                 82

USA                                                                Mike Cahill


90.)  The Invisible Frame – video                       82

Germany                                                       Cynthia Beatt


91.)  Once Upon a Time in Anatolia                   82

Turkey                                                           Yuri Bilge Ceylan


92.)  Bobby Fischer Against the World             81

USA  Great Britain  Iceland                      Liz Garbus


93.)  Southwest (Sudoeste)                                 81

Brazil                                                             Eduardo Nunes


94.)  Best Intentions (Din dragoste cu cele mai bune int...              81

Romania                                                       Adrian Sitaru


95.)  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2                   81

Great Britain  USA                                      David Yates


96.)  The Help                                                          81

USA                                                                Tate Taylor


97.)  Forget Me Not                                                 81

Great Britain                                                Alexander Holt and Lance Roehrig


98.)  Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D                   81

USA  Canada  France  Germany  Great Britain           Werner Herzog


99.)  Rid of Me                                                          80

USA                                                                James Westby


100.)  The Mole (Kret)                                            80

Poland                                                           Rafael Lewandowski


101.)  Sleeping Beauty                                          80

Australia                                                       Julia Leigh 


102.)  Don't Go Breaking My Heart                    80

Hong Kong                                                  Johnny To


103.)  Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Files – video           80

USA                                                                Jon Foy


104.)  My Week with Marilyn                                79

Great Britain                                                Simon Curtis


105.)  The Ides of March                                       79

USA                                                                George Clooney


106.)  Blue Valentine                                              79                   

USA                                                                Derek Cianfrance


107.)  The Future                                                    79

USA                                                                Miranda July


108.)  A Dangerous Method                                 78

Great Britain  Germany  Canada  Switzerland            David Cronenberg


109.)  American Teacher                                      78

USA                                                                Vanessa Roth and Brian McGinn


110.)  Amigo                                                             78

USA                                                                John Sayles


111.)  Road to Nowhere                                        78

USA                                                                Monte Hellman


112.)  Water for Elephants                                    78

USA                                                                Francis Lawrence


113.)  Without                                                          78

USA                                                                Mark Jackson 


114.)  Unknown                                                       78

USA  Great Britain  Germany  France  Canada  Japan                     Jaume Collet-Serra


115.)  Return Ticket                                               77

China  Taiwan                                             Teng Yung-shing


116.)  In Time                                                           77

USA                                                                Andrew Niccol


117.)  In the Land of the Free...                            77

USA  Great Britain                                      Vadim Jean


118.)  No Strings Attached                                   77

USA                                                                Ivan Reitman


119.)  Happy Happy (Sykt Lykkelig)                  76

Norway                                                         Anne Sewitsky


120.)  The Sitter                                                       76

USA                                                                David Gordon Green


121.)  Barney's Version                                        75

USA                                                                Richard J. Lewis


122.)  Everything Must Go                                    75

USA                                                                Dan Rush


123.)  The Border (Hranica)                                 74

Slovakia                                                        Jaroslav Vojtek


124.)  Joint Body                                                    74

USA                                                                Brian Jun


125.)  Young Adult                                                            74

USA                                                                Jason Reitman


126.)  Last Best Chance                                       74

USA                                                                Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson


127.)  The Mechanic (2011)                                  73

USA                                                                Simon West


128.)  The Slut (Hanotenet)                                  73

Israel                                                              Hagar Ben-Asher


129.)  War Horse                                                     73

USA                                                                Steven Spielberg


130.)  Breath (Soom)                                              72

South Korea                                                Kim Ki-duk


131.)  One Lucky Elephant                                   72

USA                                                                Lisa Leeman


132.)  Goodbye ( omid é didar)                      72

Iran                                                                 Mohammad Rasoulof


133.)  Toast                                                              71

Great Britain                                                S.J. Clarkson 


134.)  Con Artist                                                      71

USA                                                                Michael Sládek


135.)  The Purple Sea (Viola di Mare)                71

Italy                                                                Donatella Maiorca


136.)  Melancholia                                                  70

Denmark  Sweden  France  Germany   Lars von Trier 


137.)  Amer – video                                                70

Belgium  France                                         Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani


138.)  Like Crazy                                                     70

USA                                                                Drake Doremus


139.)  Special Treatment (Sans queue ni tête)            69

France                                                           Jeanne Labrune


140.)  Biutiful                                                            68

Mexico  Spain                                              Alejandro González Iñárritu


141.)  One Day                                                         68

USA                                                                Lone Scherfig


142.)  American Translation                                67

France                                                           Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr 


143.)  J. Edgar                                                         67

USA                                                                Clint Eastwood


144.)  Daylight                                                         67

USA                                                                David Barker


145.)  Don't Be Afraid of the Dark                       66

USA  Mexico  Australia                             Troy Nixey


146.)  Country Strong                                            66

USA                                                                Shana Feste


147.)  The Skin I Live In (La Piel Que Habito)  66

Spain                                                             Pedro Almodóvar


148.)  Hidden Love (L'amour caché)                 65

Belgium  Italy  Luxembourg                    Alessandro Capone


149.)  Dissolution (Hitparkut)                              64

Israel                                                              Nina Menkes


150.)  A Little Closer                                               62

USA                                                                Matthew Petock


151.)  Ticket to Paradise (Boleto al paraiso)   61

Cuba                                                              Gerardo Chijona


152.)  Love Is in the Air (Magi I Luften)              59

Denmark                                                       Simon Staho


153.)  Zenith                                                             58

USA                                                                Vladan Nikolic


154.)  Target (Mishen)                                           55

Russia                                                           Alexander Zeidovich


155.)  Film Socialisme                                           55

France  Switzerland                                   Jean-Luc Godard


156.)  A Love Affair of Sorts                                 50

USA                                                                David Guy Levy





*Ryan Gosling – Blue Valentine (3) + Drive (1) + The Ides of March (2)  

Anthony Mackey – Night Catches Us

Jim Broadbent – Another Year

Paul Giamatti – Barney’s Version

Javier Bardem – Biutiful

Chang Chen – Breath

Gérard Depardieu – Inspector Bellamy 

Liam Neeson – Unknown

Ed Helms – Cedar Rapids

Cristi PuiuAurora

Martin Huba – Kawasaki’s Rose

Lambert Wilson – Of Gods and Men

Jake Gylenhaal – Source Code

Mikael Persbrandt – In Another World

Tobias Menzies – Forget Me Not

Joel Courtney – Super 8

*Brandon Gleeson – The Guard

Tom Hardy – Warrior

Joel Edgarton – Warrior 

Joel Torre – Amigo

Brad Pitt – Moneyball  

Pierre Perrier – American Translation

André WilmsLe Havre

Anders Danielsen Lie – Oslo, August 31 

Ethan Hawke – The Woman in the Fifth 

Iker Fernández – The Kid Who Lies 

Michael Fuith – Michael 

*Peter Mullan – Tyrannosaur 

George PistereanuLoverboy

Theódór Júlíusson – Volcano   

Kenichi Matsuyama – Bunny Drop 

Samuli Niittymäki – The Good Son

Michael Shannon – Take Shelter

Tom Cullen – Weekend

Christopher Plummer – Beginners 

George Clooney – The Descendants 

*Michael Fassbender – Shame

*Gary Oldham – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy   

*Jean Dujardin – The Artist


Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine (3) + Meek’s Cutoff (2) + My Week With Marilyn (1)  

Jeon Do-yeon – Secret Sunshine

Rosamund Pike – Barney’s Version

Park Ji-a – Breath

*Yun Jung-hee – Poetry

Paprika Sheen – Applause

Manjinder Virk – The Arbor

Catherine DeneuvePotiche

Reese Witherspoon – Water for Elephants

Lubna Azabal – Incendies 

*Jessica Chastain – The Tree of Life (1) + The Debt (2)  

Yasmin Paige – Submarine

Brit Marling – Another Earth

Shannyn Sossamon – Road to Nowhere

*Ameeka Matthews – The Interrupters (documentary, so doesn’t qualify)

Helen Mirren – The Debt

Carey Mulligan – Drive   

Mia Wasikowska – Restless

Viola Davis – The Help

Lola Créton – Goodbye First Love

Lizzie Brocheré – American Translation

Miriel Cejas – Ticket to Paradise 

*Anna Paquin – Margaret 

Fan BingbinBuddha Mountain 

Helene Bergsholm – Turn Me On, Dammit!

*Olivia Colman – Tyrannosaur 

Alessandra Negrini – The Silver Cliff 

Elina Knihtiä – The Good Son

Lena Lauzemis – If Not Us, Who

Elizabeth Olsen – Martha Marcy May Marlene

Kristen Dunst – Melancholia

*Mélanie Laurent Beginners   

Mara Rooney – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

*Emily Watson – Appropriate Adult   


Song Kang-ho – Secret Sunshine 

Kevin Costner – The Company Men

Dustin Hoffman – Barney’s Version

Scott Speedman – Barney’s Version

Clovis Cornillac – Inspector Bellamy 

Bruno Ganz – Unknown

*John C. Reilly – Cedar Rapids

Lasislav Chudik – Kawasaki’s Rose 

Richard Debuisne – Special Treatment

Michael Lonsdale – Of Gods and Men

*William Jøhnk Nielsen – In a Better World

Gérard Depardieu – Potiche 

Jéremie RéniérPotiche 

Christoph Waltz – Water for Elephants

Adrien Brody – Midnight in Paris

Hugh McCracken – The Tree of Life

Laramie Eppler – The Tree of Life

Paddy Considine – Submarine 

*Rob Bryden – The Trip

Creed Bratton – Terri

Jesper Christiansen – The Debt

*Nick Nolte – Warrior 

*Albert Brooks – Drive

Ryo Kase – Restless 

Sebastian Urzendowsky – Goodbye First Love

Jean-Pierre DarroussinLe Havre

Hans Olav Brenner – Oslo, August 31 

Noe Hernandez – Miss Bala

Chen Bo-linBuddha Mountain 

Aldrin Sterling – The Kid Who Lies 

Paul Giamatti – The Ides of March

*John Hawkes – Martha Marcy May Marlene

Ben Kingsley – Hugo

Sam Rockwell – The Sitter 

Tom Hardy – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Benedict Cumberbatch – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Stellan SkarsgårdThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 


*Lesley Manville – Another Year

Maria Bello – The Company Men

Rosemarie DeWitt – The Company Men

Greta Gerwig – No Strings Attached

Anna Hopkins – Barney’s Version  

Maricel Álvarez – Biutiful

Marie Bunel – Inspector Bellamy

Juno TempleKaboom

Anne Heche – Cedar Rapids 

Alia Shawkat – Cedar Rapids

Ana Moreira – The Portuguese Nun

Anna Simonová – Kawasaki’s Rose

Isabella Ragonese – The Purple Sea

Natalie Gavin – The Arbor

Michelle Monaghan – Source Code

Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin – Incendies 

Elle Fanning – Super 8

Olivia Crocicchia – Terri

Helen Mirren – Brighton Rock

Anna Jacoby-Heron – Contagion

*Octavia Spencer – The Help

Sissy Spacek – The Help

*Jessica Chastain – The Help (2) + Take Shelter (1)   

Rachel Bonfante – Southwest

Sindi Lacej – The Forgiveness of Blood

*Jeannie Berlin – Margaret 

*Sylvia Chang – Buddha Mountain 

Kristin Scott Thomas – The Woman in the Fifth

Joanna Kulig – The Woman in the Fifth   

Ada CondeescuLoverboy 

Mana Ashida – Bunny Drop 

Gabi Pereira – The Silver Cliff

Evan Rachel Wood – The Ides of March 

Judi Dench – J. Edgar

*Mary Page Keller – Beginners 

Shailene Woodley – The Descendants 

Carey Mulligan – Shame 

Nicole Beharie – Shame

Kathy Burke – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy  

Bérénice Bejo – The Artist 

Maggie Elizabeth Jones – We Bought a Zoo


*Lee Chang-dong                     S. Korea                       Secret Sunshine (2) + Poetry (1)

Eugène Green                    Belgium  France                 The Portuguese Nun

Xavier Beauvois                       France                          Of Gods and Men

Michel Hazanavicius                France  Belgium           The Artist 

Cristi Puiu                                Romania                      Aurora 

Michelangelo Frammartino      Italy                              Le Quattro Volte (Four Times) 

Mike Leigh                               Great Britain                 Another Year

*Clio Bernard                           Great Britain                 The Arbor 

Michael Winterbottom              Great Britain                 The Trip

Pawel Pawlikowski                   Great Britain                 The Woman in the Fifth 

Andrew Haigh                          Great Britain                 Weekend

Steve McQueen                        Great Britain                 Shame 

Julian Jarrold                           Great Britain                 Appropriate Adult

Tomas Alfredson     Great Britain  France  Germany     Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 

Sophie Fiennes       Great Britain  Holland  France       Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

Matt McCormick                       USA                             Some Days Are Better Than Others

Wes Craven                              USA                             Scream 4

Matthew Porterfield                  USA                             Putty Field

*Terrence Malick                      USA                             The Tree of Life

Steve James                             USA                             The Interrupters

*Nicolas Winding Refn             USA                             Drive 

*Kenneth Lonergan                  USA                             Margaret 

*Sean Durkin                            USA                             Martha Marcy May Marlene

Mike Mills                                USA                             Beginners

Alexander Payne                      USA                             The Descendants

Martin Scorsese                       USA                             Hugo

Joshua Marston                       USA  Albania                The Forgiveness of Blood

Ruben Östlund                         Sweden                        Play 

Susanne Bier                    Denmark  Sweden               In a Better World

Denis Villenueve               Canada  France                   Incendies

Takashi Miike                    Japan  Great Britain            13 Assassins

John Michael McDonagh          Ireland                         The Guard

Markus Schleinzer                   Austria                         Michael 

Joachim Trier                           Norway             Oslo, August 31

Jannicke Systad Jacobsen       Norway             Turn Me On, Dammit!

Gerardo Naranjo                       Mexico                         Miss Bala 

Li Yu                                        China                           Buddha Mountain 

Marité Ugás                              Venezuela                    The Kid Who Lies 

Markus Schleinzer                   Austria                         Michael 


Lee Chang-dong – Secret Sunshine

Sylvain Chomet, adapted from Jacques Tati – The Illusionist  

Mike Leigh – Another Year

Lee Chang-dong – Poetry 

Petr Jarchovský – Kawasaki’s Rose

Xavier Beauvois, adapted from Etienne Comar – Of Gods and Men

Bartek Konopka and Piotr Rosolowski – Rabbit à la Berlin

*Clio Bernard, adapted from Andrea Dunbar – The Arbor   

Ben Ripley – Source Code

Kevin Williamson – Scream 4

Elia Suleiman – The Time That Remains

Denis Villeneuve and Valérie Beaugrand-Champagne, adapted from Wajdi Mouawad – Incendies 

Terrence Malick – The Tree of Life

Richard Ayoade, adapted from Joe Dunthorne

Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden – The Trip

*John Michael McDonagh – The Guard

Scott Z. Burns – Contagion 

Joshua Marston and Andamion Muratak – The Forgiveness of Blood  

Joachim Trier and Eskil Vogt, adapted from Pierre Drieu La Rochelle – Oslo, August 31 

*Kenneth Lonergan – Margaret 

Mauricio Katz and Gerardo Naranjo – Miss Bala

Li Yu and Fang Li – Buddha Mountain 

*Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, adapted from Olaug NilssenTurn Me On, Dammit!

Pawel Pawlikowski, adapted from Douglas Kennedy – The Woman in the Fifth 

Ruben Östlund and Erik Hemmendorff – Play 

Marité Ugás and Mariana Rondón – The Kid Who Lies 
*Sean Durkin – Martha Marcy May Marlene

Andrew Haigh – Weekend 

*Mike Mills – Beginners 

Alexander Payne, Fat Nixon, and Jim Rash, adapted from Kaui Hart Hemmings – The Descendants

John Logan, adapted from Brian Selznick – Hugo 

Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan – Shame

Bridget O’Connor and Peter Straughan, adapted from John Le Carré – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Neil McKay – Appropriate Adult


Cho Yong-kyou – Secret Sunshine

Mike Pope – Another Year

Roger Deakins – The Company Men

Russell Boyd – The Way Back  

Kim Hyun-seok – Poetry 

Raphäel O’Byrne – The Portuguese Nun

Manuel DacosseAmer

Pedro Costa – Ne Change Rien

Martin Sácha – Kawasaki’s Rose

*Andrea Locatelli – Le Quattro Volte (Four Times)

Caroline Champetier – Of Gods and Men

Gregg Schmidt – Some Days Are Better Than Others

Morten Søborg – In a Better World

Yorick Le SauxPotiche

Jeremy Saulnier – Putty Hill 

Rodrigo Prieto – Water for Elephants 

André Turpin – Incendies 

Christopher Blauvelt – Meek’s Cutoff

Darius Khondji – Midnight in Paris

Remko Schnorr and Sophie Fiennes – Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

*Emmanuel “ChivoLubezki – The Tree of Life 

Ben Smithard – The Trip

Tobias Datum – Terri

Larry Smith – The Guard 

John Mathieson – Brighton Rock

Ben Davis – The Debt

Masanobu TakayanagiWarrior

Steven Soderbergh – Contagion

Newton Thomas Sigel – Drive

Robert Person – General Orders No. 9

Mauro Pinheiro – Southwest (2) + Silver Cliff (1)

Stéphane Fontaine – Goodbye First Love

Timo SalminenLe Havre 

Rob Hardy – The Forgiveness of Blood

Jakob IhreOslo, August 31 

*Ryszard Lenczewski – Margaret (2) + The Woman in the Fifth (1)

*Mátyás Erdély – Miss Bala

Zheng JianBuddha Mountain 

Marius Dybwad Brandrud – Play 

Micaela Cajahuaringa – The Kid Who Lies 

Gerald Kerkleltz – Michael 

Geoffrey Simpson – Sleeping Beauty

Jody Lee LipesMartha Marcy May Marlene

Urszula Pontikos – Weekend 

*Manuel Alberto Claro – Melancholia

Phedon Papamichael – The Descendants

*Robert Richardson – Hugo in 3D

Sean Bobbitt – Shame

Rob Sweeney – Letters From the Big Man

Hoyte Van Hoytema – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Jeff Cronenweth – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 

Janusz Kaminski – War Horse 


Secret Sunshine

*Another Year  

The Company Men


Kawasaki’s Rose  

Of Gods and Men


The Arbor

Source Code

In a Better World



The Trip


The Guard

The Debt


Goodbye First Love

The Forgiveness of Blood

Oslo, August 31 


Buddha Mountain 

Turn Me On, Dammit!

The Woman in the Fifth


The Kid Who Lies



*The Descendants

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

The Artist

Appropriate Adult


The Illusionist




Le Quattro Volte (Four Times)

Rabbit à la Berlin  


Putty Hill

Water for Elephants


Meek’s Cutoff

13 Assassins

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

*The Tree of Life 



Oslo, August 31 


Miss Bala

Turn Me On, Dammit!

*The Woman in the Fifth 


The Kid Who Lies

The Silver Cliff

Martha Marcy May Marlene




Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

The Artist


Secret Sunshine

The Illusionist

Another Year


Ne Change Rien

Kawasaki’s Rose

Le Quattro Volte (Four Times)

Of Gods and Men


Rabbit à la Berlin  

The Arbor

Source Code

In a Better World


13 Assassins


Super 8

The Trip


Roll Out, Cowboy

The Guard

The Debt




Oslo, August 31

*Miss Bala

Buddha Mountain 

Turn Me On, Dammit!  

The Woman in the Fifth


The Kid Who Lies 

The Silver Cliff 

*Martha Marcy May Marlene



The Descendants


The Artist

Appropriate Adult


The Company Men



Kawasaki’s Rose

The Purple Sea  

Of Gods and Men

The Arbor

In a Better World


*Putty Hill

Water for Elephants


Meek’s Cutoff

*Midnight in Paris

Super 8


Brighton Rock



The Help  

The Forgiveness of Blood


Turn Me On, Dammit!

*Bunny Drop




Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

*The Artist 

Appropriate Adult


The Roots – Night Catches Us

Sylvain Chomet – The Illusionist

Rodolphe Burger and Pierre AlferiNe Change Rien

André Mergenthaler – Special Treatment

Sune Martin – Applause 

Simon Fisher-Turner – The Invisible Frame

Matthew Cooper – Some Days Are Better Than Others

Johan Söderqvist – In a Better World

Grégoire HetzelIncendies 

Jeff Grace – Meek’s Cutoff 

Alex Turner – Submarine

Fall On Your Sword – Another Earth

Jon Brion – The Future

Calexico – The Guard 

Martin Phipps – Brighton Rock

Thomas Newman – The Debt

Mark Isham – Warrior

*Cliff Martinez – Contagion (1) + Drive (2)  

Mychael Danna – Moneyball 

Danny Elfman – Restless 

Leonardo Heiblum and Jacobo Lieberman – The Forgiveness of Blood

Torgny Amdam and Ola FløttumOslo, August 31 

Emilio Kauderer – Miss Bala

*Peyman YazdanianBuddha Mountain 

*Ginge AnvikTurn Me On, Dammit!

Camilo Froideval – The Kid Who Lies 

*Pablo MalaurieLoverboy

Annette Fochs – If Not Us, Who

David Wingo – Take Shelter 

*Saunder Jurriaans and Danny BensiMartha Marcy May Marlene

James Edward Barker – Weekend 

*Harry Escott – Shame 

Alberto Iglesias – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 

Jónsi – We Bought a Zoo

Dan Jones – Appropriate Adult 



The Interrupters

The Arbor (does this count as a documentary?)


Rabbit à la Berlin

Waste Land

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

Vlast (Power)